vincenzino lutherie

 On this page i will show some things i'm working on


little melting oven,in the backyard


zinc is starting to burn off

 Here the project is the making of a missing tuner for a very old set,German,all hand made,

from a time when farmers were filing pieces at home,in the winter time, when there was not much to do at all.

knob of a Rieger model,just cast in petrobond   Wrought iron,sourced from a very old gate.Will be used for a copy,to complete a set of Rieger tuners.



brass template,on top of the blank,as an aid in filing the correct shape of the teeth

  some time later...



here the pieces beginning to take shape,near the original


almost done



the knob,in a temporary holder,to aid in drilling.At this stage it's easy to ruin the piece


knob fitted,the protuding pin is to be peened.All the pieces have been aged,but are not ready yet.


the new,left,near the old  

all together,i'm pretty sure you won't spot the difference after some time of use.

This project  is a birthday present for a friend,a cigarbox guitar,or more correctly, a cardboard box guitar.


 reinforced with some layers of paper

 it's all made from stuff that was lying around


the little amplifier is for the piezo pick-up

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